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Leuchtenberg homestead in Sergievka, Petergof

I have planned to check out the most beautiful parts of Leningradskaya oblast. Today I will start with Petergof, Sergievka, Leuchtenberg homestead.

Sergievka is a former homestead of Duke of Leuchtenberg, who had married daughter of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna. The Duke decided to build a luxurious summer palace on the territory presented by the Emperor.  A. Shtakenshneider, the architect of the palace brought a gothic style to the area.  The walls were decorated with ancient porticoes and gardens had various beautiful sculptures, which are missing today.

Sergievka. The pond.

The palace was destroyed by the Nazis during the war, and then recreated from authentic drawings A. Stakenschneider in 1963. But now it is empty and slowly deteriorates. Today, the backyard is planned to be under construction, but the front was refurbished last year.

The backyard



at the front entrance


a great view


If you move further to the left of the palace, down into the ravine, you can find something interesting.

There are several versions of the appearance of this head. First, Swedes wanted to create a monumental mountain of Viking-Colossus, but Peter the I took over the lands and head remained on the ground.  Another version: Peter I baptized the son of a mason, who in return wanted to cut out the head of the Peter out of the stone, but did not finish.

This amazing piece was created around 1800 by Emperor Paul I (architect F. Brouwer). Large metal knight helmet was fastened into the how on the nose bridge.

This head is called ‘the old man’ or ‘Adam’s head’.  According to one version, the head carried the helmet (the hole on the nose bridge is a place where it mounted) and it served as a prototype fabulous head in Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Ludmila”.  According to the ledge, the head is the treasurer of St. Petersburg.   Eventually ‘head’ goes underground and when it will be fully under, St. Petersburg will be flooded. That is scary, reminds me of Venice! A must-see place, before it will be flooded!!!

The place worth walking around. Nature is amazing. Below are some awesome pictures, check them out.

Oh, one thing to mention. I got to see beautiful horses in local stable and swing on handmade swings.


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