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Why travel to Kyrgyzstan? skiing & mountains

To those who are planning their travel to an exotic country, undiscovered place, which is not on the radars of National Geographics – check out the Central Asian region. I will have quite a detour around all five countries. Let’s start with Kyrgyzstan. A relatively cheap post-soviet country, less corrupted that other Central Asian states and with a huge potential to improve its tourism sector. Especially in winter. Skiing fans – rejoice – you have another range of mountains to conquer – Tian Shan.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 21.15.38
Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan

Free-riding is not something I am good at, but in 2017 I conquered the highest peak, where normal people who need a cable car usually go. 3500 meters.

Below I will break down the best skiing places in Kyrgyzstan.

  1. Karakol. Located 6 hours away from Bishkek. A small city with no infrastructure. However, the skiing base is a complete opposite. It has been functioning since 1936 and Soviet Olympic champions used to train there. Almost renovated base today is an amazing place to spend time.

    Karakol skiing. Kyrgyzstan
  2. Chunkurchak. Another skiing base, quite close to the town, only 1.30 hours away from Bishkek. Lovely slopes, but cannot be compared with Karakol. There is a unified pass system between Karakol and Chunkuchak. Ski pass costs 700 soms (roughly – 15$)

    Chunkurchak ski base. Kyrgyzstan
  3. Too-Ashuu. The skiing base with the highest peak in Kyrgyzstan. It is on the way to the south of the country.

The best way to get around the country and ski is through the Trekking Union in Kyrgyzstan (TUK). Become a member for 700 soms (15$) to have a discount for any future trips trekking or skiing. TUK organizes one-day to three-day trips in the Kyrgyz mountains. A price per trip varies from 500 soms to 1500, depending on the length of a trip. Imho the best way to get around the country to explore beautiful scenery.

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