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6 benefits of traveling solo

It may seem that traveling is a scary part of getting out of your comfort zone, but in reality, it is the best way to be in touch with the world and with yourself. Traveling itself is so beneficial. You make new memories, sometimes friends, and learn more about yourself and people that you meet on the way.


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1. You become more confident

There are plenty of situations that you face on a daily basis when traveling around a new country. You adjust to new cultures faster, you can navigate very fast around new cities. You apply the system you’ve learned in other cities to next ones you travel to. You become confident that life will throw only curveballs, which can be overcome.

2. You get to know yourself

As it may seem banal, but the good and bad qualities of yours will start revealing in any complex situation. Face it, you need to improve as no one is perfect. Learn to calm your demons and nurture your best traits. Learn to reflect on your actions and when you travel with someone else, reflect on actions of that person. Maybe his/her facade isn’t what it seemed to be.

3. Get inspired

Meet people who inspire you, talk to them, ask about their life and share yours. Such an exchange can be beneficial for your future life and plans. But keep in mind, all that glitters is not gold. Some people simply like to show off.

4. Travel without becoming bankrupt

When a taxi driver from Borjomi to Kutaisi told me, backpacking traveling is not a real traveling, I realized how some people are caught up in the old thinking. Backpacking travels are the best. You don’t overspend, you live in hostels (not always clean) but you meet people on the road, just like you. You take on new challenges with them or alone. You travel around a country and do not spend hundred of dollars on unnecessary touristic activities. There is always another side of a coin, where you may find cheap authentic places to eat, to spend a night over and ways to enjoy real life.

5. Learn to rely on yourself

I know many people, who are brought up in a safe environment, where everything is done for them and they expect people to do things for them, even when traveling. That is just way out of my perception of living your life. Learn to rely on yourself. Help yourself to grow. Be stronger and know that sometimes people expect you to give a shoulder to lean on, not vice versa at all times. After all, you are living your life and achieve things, even minor ones, when learning how to rely on yourself not make other people carry that burden.

6. You won’t be shy anymore

Was approaching people just to talk to you ever hard? Not after traveling solo. A human being is in need to social contact. You may find yourself in a remote foreign area and that would be a time to start making friends and socializing. We, humans, work this way. Just like a hunger, we are in need of social conversations and sharing the experience. Establishing contacts helps you get out of comfort zone, make new friends and meet people with various lifestyles.


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