I am planning to share my experience of spending a super active week in Georgia. However, first I want to start with the basics. What is Georgia & what should you eat&drink it with (hint: wine and khinkali) 😀

The European Union has recently granted Georgia a visa-free entry. Horray for the first caucasian country (out of 3)! The tourism sector continues to develop in the country, only in the first 8 months of 2016 Georgia welcomes around 4.2 million international visitors. A business that benefits the country. But seems like other sectors are not improving. As one the taxi drivers I encountered with said: “No one is happy in smaller cities because there is no job”. That is true, despite good roads and amazing food, how does Georgian government provide for its people? That a bit later.

Georgians are very lovely hospitable people. However, don’t be very charmed, some may look for profit and nothing else.

Georgians have an amazing cuisine. That is a fact! Tasty khachapuri, juicy khinkali, smelly phali – well the post about food is coming.

Georgian men (lots of testosterone) love to hang out outside, almost all day. You would never see a woman hanging out in the late hour. I believe that is something local. However, what do men really do? No idea.

Another fact that I didn’t expect is the Russian language. Apparently, they use the language more than in the neighboring Armenia. I assume it is due to multinational society they have.

Couchsurfing only for showing around. Be careful, double check who are you meeting with, especially if you are a lady traveling alone. Breaking stereotypes is always great, but watching out never hurts.

Ah, and the last one: super tasty water and amazing green nature. The green color is like no other color I’ve ever seen.