In Focus

Batumi, khachapuri ‘a la adjaria’ and the sea

My favorite part after Tbilisi. Definitely one of the must-see regions in Georgia. Adjaria has fairly built up a superb reputation as one of the best resort areas, with its warm sub-tropical climate, a mix of the Black sea and mountains, and in the summer some of the best nightlife on the coast.

Batumi, amazing Batumi, such a cozy place where time stops when you watch dolphins jump in the sea. There is not much to see, but you need more than just a day to relax, breathe in and out, and just melt in the atmosphere. So here are some things to see.

  1. Ali and Nino (better at night)

Simply go along the coastline and you will find all major points right there. First stop – Ali and Nino, a modern Romeo&Juliet story. The monument is amazing, as two sculptures move towards each other and part away. The story of Ali and Nino is still subject to controversy. Kurban Said, an author of the novel, depicts Ali Khan who is in love with the Christian Nino Kipiani, a Georgian princess with ‘the most beautiful eyes in the world’. But, just like in all love stories nothing goes right, Nino comes from a modern European family that wants another spouse for her daughter. Whilst the star-crossed lovers share a city, the world they inhabit is tremendously different. They decide to escape to Persia. Unfortunately, you can’t always go against the destiny.


2. Batumi Boulevard

Established in 1881 a 7km boulevard is still under construction. But there are some things to do. Rent a bike (but be careful! check brakes first), take a walk, drink a cup of coffee on the beach and smell the salty fresh air. We even took a swim at night. Amazing)) cold, but amazing!

3. Funicular to the top

If you want to kill time, take the funicular to the top of Batumi and watch the landscape. But before, take some time and enjoy amazing food. Here is a tip: Shemoikhede Genatsvale -8 Noe Zhordiania Street, Batumi! Amazing, jaw-dropping, drooling, finger looking good food. I think this was the best food I had during my trip to Georgia. And this is where I cheated with white wine, which tasted so much better than anything else I’ve tasted.


Phali, eggplants with nuts, tkemali sauce. Yum!



Here it is! Amazing khachapur ‘a la Adjarian’ style. Special cheese with egg yolk. Yum!



The prices in this restaurants are average. Totally worth it. There are not many waiters/waitress, so treat them nicely and leave good tips.

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